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We are South African tour operator based on providing exclusive tours and private day tours for Russian or English speaking travelers. We believe that visitors come to love South Africa through in-depth encounters with our stunning landscapes, unique and exhilarating outdoor, adventure opportunities and our enchanting Xhosa, Zulu, Malays and other 15 cultures. Our knowledge, passion and local connections ensure maximum exposure.

Nowadays it is popular RSA tourist’s destination offering eco-tours, culture tours, holiday and healthy resorts, sports and adventure activities, wine tours and family traveling. Our tours are developed according to different interests and clients budgets.

Our tour guides

Julia De Beer - Russian speaking tour guide in Western Cape. License guiding in Cape Town and The Garden Route. Provide cultural and adventure tours. Has been living and working in Cape Town for over 13 years.

Leanne Kruger - South African tour guide for over 20 years. Qualified in Western Cape for English and German speaking tourists. Have a special interests in history and nature. Share experience and ideas with a new people from all over the world.
гид в Кейптауне Юлия де Бир
"Tourists always receive unforgettable memories from the trip to South Africa. It is here  where you can visit the main world famous geographical and historical attractions.

South Africa is an extremely beautiful country preserved old traditions in modern environment. It  offers the closest encounter with wild nature in National and Private Game Reserves!"


ruafrica travel
ruafrica travel
руафрика тревел



"Traveling thousands miles far can be start with one step forward!"

Our transport for individual trevelers and groups
  1. авто кейптаун
  2. авто кейптаун
  3. авто кейптаун
  4. авто кейптаун
  5. авто кейптаун
  6. авто кейптаун
Our transport for VIP tourists
  1. вип туры кейптаун
  2. вип туры кейптаун
  3. вип туры кейптаун
  4. vip туры кейптаун
  5. vip туры кейптаун
  6. vip туры кейптаун
What we driving on safari ?
  1. сафари авто юар
  2. сафари авто юар
  3. сафари авто юар
  4. лошади сафари юар
  5. сафари авто юар
  6. квадробайки сафари юар
For corporate clients and larger groups
  1. группы автобус юар
  2. группы автобус юар
  3. группы автобус кейптаун
  4. автобусы кейптаун
  5. групповые туры юар
  6. частные самолёты юар
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